What is the team about?

We’re a UNC Sport Clubs team. We compete in slalom, giant slalom, slope style, and rail jams against other ACC and regional universities like Duke, NC State, App, ECU, UVA, Virginia Tech, and Liberty. Our season lasts from January through March and consists of about 6 competitions.

Where do you ski/ride?

We compete at mountains all around NC, VA, and WV with annual events at Bryce, Boone, and Snowshoe. We also make several trips to Liberty Snowflex in the off season and organize spring break trips to western mountains such as Aspen and Jackson Hole.

What do you do in the off season?

Two things. First, we take trips to the dry slope at Liberty University’s Snowflex and go to a trampoline gym for freestyle training. Secondly, we focus on getting new members integrated into the team. Whether its camping trips, skiing, or just having fun around Chapel Hill, team members are almost always doing something.

Are there tryouts?

Nope. We’re all about having fun, we don’t have tryouts for membership. However, if there are enough active members, there will be an A and a B team for racing which will be determined by race results. All freestyle competitors start equally.

What if I’m not that good / haven't competed before?

Don’t sweat it. We don’t expect you to be a pro. Our members vary greatly in ability and experience level, but most have never competed before they joined the team. We really just expect you to be able to make it down the mountain confidently.

Do I have to compete?

Yes. Though most members focus more on riding with friends than results, we are a competitive team.

How Much are Dues?

General dues, which, also cover conference fees, are $50. Aditionally, every competition you go to will be $150; this covers lodging, lift tickets, competition fees, and one team meal.

How do I join?

Contact one of our officers! We'll get you on the listserve, tell you about upcoming meetings, and let you know when we're hanging out so you can meet the team.
You can sign up to be on the listserve here