A First Year's Perspective on the First Competition of 2016

Last weekend at Beech Mountain, UNC Ski and Snowboard Team attended our first race weekend of the season. Personally, it was my first race weekend ever. Friday evening at the rental house was more or less a bonding time for team members, spent watching ski films and making friends. The next morning however, we all rushed to the mountain. Even after an unpleasantly early 7am wake up time, complaints were buried by excitement to hit the slopes. The snow wasn’t particularly great that day or Sunday, but for the East coast it could have been much worse. We were just happy to be on the mountain.

Freshmen Elyssa Collins (my accountabilibuddy) and Noam Zahavi gets some turns in

Skiers and snowboarders raced giant slalom on Saturday, and skiers raced slalom on Sunday. Freestyle rail jams occurred on both days.

Waiting for the race to start

A skier completes the slalom course

Racing for the first time was nerve-wracking, but having supportive teammates made all the difference. On many occasions, UNC kids would group at the top or bottom of a race course to cheer on a fellow teammate. When not racing, we goofed around on the mountain and enjoyed the sports that bring us together.

Waiting for a teammate to cross the finish line

I signed up for UNCSST because I love snowboarding— I wanted to spend more time on the slopes and improve my riding. I had imagined that I would attend maybe two race weekends this season and then decide if I wanted to continue next year as a part of the team. At the time, I had no idea that I was also signing up for the friendship of such a great group of people. Honestly, I was never thrilled to come to UNC Chapel Hill, but ski team makes it so much more than bearable. Whether I’m hanging out with the other ski team freshmen, or with some of the team’s executive members, I’m always having a blast. I’m absolutely psyched to attend three more race weekends this season, and seven more semesters at UNC with this awesome team.

We show up.

Words and Photos: Liah McPherson


  • Men's Ski GS:
    • Team - 3rd
    • Tye Zasacky - 5th
    • Will Givens - 9th
  • Women's Ski GS:
    • Team - 4th
    • Hailey Thomas - 9th
  • Men's Snowboard GS:
    • Team - 3rd
  • Women's Snowboard GS:
    • Team - 1st
    • Sarah Miller - 4th
    • Kelly Glendenning - 5th
    • Alana Huffmon - 6th
    • Noam Zahavi - 8th
  • Freestyle Ski
    • Team - 3rd
    • Will Givens - 4th
    • David Stanley - 5th