First Snowflex Trip of the New School Year!

The Freestyle focused side of the team and I ended our first week of class with a trip up to Liberty University's Snowflex, and the plastic mountain did not disappoint. Several returning members and one new recruit, who has already come into the team quite nicely, made the drive from Chapel Hill Saturday afternoon. After a traditional pre shred meal at Cookout in Lynchburg, we went up to the mountain and got warmed up. However, an isolated rainstorm soon made it too difficult to see and had us retreating in to the lodge.

A wise moose keeps watch in the Snowflex Lodge

We emerged to find lingering misty conditions and a fast slope.

Sophomore Kyle Hall presses out a tripod

Just as we pulled the camera out to get a few group pictures, fire works shot up from the valley below for Liberty's version of Fall Fest. Everyone in the crew grabbed their skis or board and rushed for the top of the jump.

Freshman Will Givens sends a rodeo 5 Japan

The fireworks gave the night an energy that surpassed any session I've been a part of in a long time. Everyone rallied and threw down their biggest tricks, even landing a few new ones for the first time. Anything for a sick shot

President Jason Brown floats a big melon over the jump

David Stanley - Stale fish 540

Will Givens - Cork 720

The night ended with sore bodies, some awesome photos, a few new tricks for the upcoming season, and great times with great friends. We're all very excited for the 2014/2015 season and to continue progressing the freestyle side of our team.

Written by David Stanley